People disappear all the time.

Young girls run away from home. Children stray from their parents and are never seen again. Housewives take the grocery money and a taxi to the train station. Most are found eventually.

Disappearances, after all, have explanations. Usually.

"We changed that thing; instead of a hug forward we all worked together, and changed that to a hug behind. And to be going through that scene and feel that come from behind and not to expect it, was so much stronger I felt." - Norman Reedus

Michael Pitt for Rag & Bone F/W 2014

Most of the time…


  • salazar: hey everyone just wanted your opinion on something
  • helga: shoot
  • salazar: okay what if we get giant versions of our house symbols
  • rowena: what
  • salazar: like godric would have a giant lion chilling out somewhere and rowena would have a big canary
  • rowena: its an eagle
  • salazar: okay whatever
  • godric: i dont think uh
  • salazar: it cant be too hard to find a huge badger
  • godric: okay dude no this is ridiculous absolutely no giant house symbols
  • salazar: oh um okay because i kind of uh
  • helga:
  • rowena:
  • godric:
  • salazar:
  • helga: what did you do
  • salazar: NOTHING

Footballers Ice Bucket Challenge + Daley Blind

Favourite Screen Costumes || Anne’s tower outfit (The Tudors [2008]: 2x09 - The Act of Treason)

Costumes by: Joan Bergin

There’s this quote that I love, which is that the aim is to be independent of the good and bad opinions of other people. And to be free from people who say you’re great and people who say you’re shit is a really happy medium, there’s a good balance there.


best tv/movie characters:

[106/??] Ryan Kelley as Deputy Jordan Parrish in Teen Wolf (2014 - ??)

↳ “ 'Handsome'? Thank you. For a second there I thought you were going to say I look really young, and I was going to have to launch into my explanation about how I am actually twenty-four, and that anyone can look young if they eat right and exercise.”

7 Days of Frary | Day 5: Favorite kiss [2/2]



Fire Starters; Julianne Moore, Liv Freundlich, Jessica Chastain, Domhnall Gleeson, Amy Adams, Karen Elson, Madison Stubbington & Florence Welch by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US, August 2014