just want to wish all of you a very merry christmas and a happy new 2013 year))) i’ve had a tough but good year and i’m really happy that you were part of it, another year fangirling with me, thank you gorgeous people!

and i love all my followers, because we share same fandoms and all of you’re perfect.

but my special thanks go to: volchitza (because ary is she-wolf and i love her), thelegendends (helene is my dearest, i can talk to her anytime and i really like it)neddle (потому что мы разделяем практически ВСЕ интересы на свете и я ценю это очень сильно), wolfinlionskingdom (because i can tell her ‘i ship creepy ships’ and she’ll say ‘me too’), edithnapier (long live the queen of imaginary but at the same time perfect otp), beautifulsouls-devotion (lena thank you for all you’ve done for hookXaurora, i just DFCGVHJ because of you), thefairiesrevenge (gemma, where’re you? i miss you and our endless david oakes fangirling), msklausmikaelson (sweet girl, we still have a hope for wren and hanna, right?), themerlingqueen (megane is one of the most adorable people here, go and follow her) and honeymink (YEY! we did it, we won juan’s battle!)

and also thanks to all beautiful girls from SECRETTLY MARRIED community and flawless human being like duskendales, victoria-squalor, captaininmypantsanniethesourwolf (and other amazing people) - you built for ‘sleeping hook’ a golden flying ship!


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    OMG I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH HELENA !! I don’t deserve you. I truly don’t. I’m so happy that the Founders reunited us...
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    hahahahaha. ALWAYS. we are lost souls.
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